medac STANDS FOR... 

...a human point of view


A patient with a chronic or very long-term disease wants a reliable diagnosis and effective treatment; he wants to know that he is seen as an individual with an individual illness; he wants people to take notice of his requirements and to have someone in whom he has confidence at his side even after his treatment is complete. Doctors, pharmacists and medical staff are aware of this and do their best not only to secure the optimum therapy for their patient, but also to provide him with the security of knowing that he is in good hands.

At medac we have set ourselves the task of providing you with the best possible support. 

We are a pharmaceutical company near Hamburg, specialising in the treatment and diagnosis of oncological, urological and autoimmune disease since 1970, and we are very much aware of the particular requirements of these fields. We take responsibility for our actions and all our expertise is geared to the provision of qualitatively perfect and reliable products for patients, doctors, laboratory personnel and hospitals.

We also set high standards for our personal support: 

Our qualified staff will answer your technical questions at any time and use numerous information events, targeted training sessions and regular visits by our field-workers to create the basis for a close cooperation based on trust. In this way, we facilitate the selection of the correct therapy to improve patients’ quality of life.

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